Timmy came to us in October 2019 from a private shelter in Romania. 

He was rescued from a Breasta a high kill public shelter in 2018 and had been waiting for a space in UK rescue for many months.

This cheeky chap did not know anything about being a pet dog when he arrived with us but he has learned quickly.

Timmy is friendly with other dogs and really affectionate but he is nervous of men when he first meets them. 

Health Information

Timmy is fully vaccinated, microchipped and castrated.

He is approx 3 years old

Breed and Temperament

Timmy is a small/medium size

He looks as though he could be a collie mix but it is difficult to define a breed type.

Timmy is friendly with other dogs both male and female.

He is also friendly with people but is nervous of men.

Timmy spent a long time in the private shelter for such a young dog and missed out on valuable training and interaction with people.

Since arriving here he has learned to accept a harness and lead and will come when called.

Timmy has still a lot to learn but he is ready to progress and move on to the next step of adapting to a home environment.

Timmy's Ideal Home

Timmy is a sweet and fun little dog who will thrive with some individual attention in an experienced home.

He needs and adopter who is prepared to give him time and understanding to learn all about life as a companion dog.

Timmy will need careful and gradual introductions to new people, in particular men and to new experiences inside and outside of the home

Having spent many months as a puppy/adolescent dog kept in a kennel at a private shelter with no opportunity for exercise or enrichment.

Timmy needed some time to destress when he arrived with us. He has made great progress but he may find the transition to home life overwhelming to begin with.

We are looking for a knowledgeable and patient home for this lovely boy.


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