How you can help us

Funding for the dogs in our care relies entirely on money raised through adoptions and our fundraising events. 

If you would like to support us by giving a one off donation or a monthly donation towards our work it would be most gratefully received

You can donate through PayPal using the button 

Thank you in advance for your support xx

How your donations will be used

At Charney Rescue and Sanctuary we care for 18-20 dogs. A smaller proportion of the dogs in our care will be suitable to be adopted but there are many of our dogs that are too fearful to leave us. We hope that given time some of these dogs will gain confidence and be able to find their forever homes. However there will be some of our dogs who will spend the rest of their days with us and we are committed tom providing them with a safe, stimulating and comfortable environment in which to live. 

When a dog arrives with us they will firstly be assessed to find out if they are ready for adoption. Our assessment process allows for the dogs to have several days to recuperate from their long journey here to the UK from Romania as this is often mentally and physically stressful for them. Once they have settled in we begin to handle them depending on how comfortable they are around people. Handling includes putting on a collar or harness and lead walking, grooming and most importantly just spending time with dogs and giving fuss and cuddles if we are allowed!! 

For some of the dogs this assessment will be straightforward and we can start to promote them for adoption within a couple of weeks of arrival. For others it may take many weeks or months to even be able to touch them. We do not believe in rushing the dogs and will never force them to be handled. We are lucky to have securely fenced grass paddocks that we can access from our rescue housing without having to put our scared dogs on the lead. All of our dogs are taken out for exercise in their social groups at least 3 times a day as this provides them with the opportunity for exercise, sniffing and digging which we have discovered is a favourite past time for these dogs! 

Our dogs can be at our rescue for as little as 6 weeks and some have been with us for well over a year. 



What are our costs for caring for our rescue dogs?

Feeding costs per week:

3 15kg bags of dry dog food per week £56.34

7 3kg bags of Nature’s Menu Free Flow Mince £23.10

12 tins Lukullus wet dog food £19.38

Weekly total: £98.82

Approximate Monthly food costs: £400


Routine health costs:

Worming every 3-4 months Termaworm tablets  £57.20

Flea treatment: Frontline Spray 250ml £37.99

Total: £95.19

We also need to cover the costs of routine booster vaccinations for the dogs that are in our care for over 1 year.

An average price for booster vaccinations is £50


Monthly sponsorship

A regular donation of £20 per month could feed one of sanctuary dogs

There are many other costs associated with running our rescue centre and sanctuary.  The founder of the rescue Carly Spratley and her husband care for the dogs but it is necessary also to employ staff for approx 20 hours per week. The cost of paying wages is currently covered by Charney Pet Care Centre as is the cost of heating and maintaining the rescue dogs housing. 

Any donation however small is so valuable to us and will enable us to continue helping these dogs.
We thank you for your support