Meet Sammy who arrived with us in October 2019. Sammy came with Timmy who is one of our rescues who is available for adoption. They were both rescued from Breasta kill shelter and had spent many, many months in a private shelter in Romania before coming to the UK.

Sammy was a shy puppy when he was taken from Breasta and then spent a long time in a private shelter with no handling or socialisation. Sadly he now has so little confidence around people and even after all these months is very nervous to be close to us.

We think that Sammy has only partial sight in his left eye. It looks as though the eye was damaged at some point and he gets recurrent inflammation and discharge from the eye. It is almost impossible to bathe and give medication for the eye but we do our best to keep him comfortable.

Sammy has improved since he arrived with us, he used to get very stressed when we were inside with him and nipped a few times when he was first here. He is much more relaxed for us to be around him now and really loves his friends and his walks.

It is such a shame as Sammy really is a stunning boy and we know there would be much interest in him for adoption. For the time being Sammy is happy and settled in his life here at the sanctuary and we will continue to work with him and hope he gains his confidence 

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