Meet ‘Red’ rescued from Mihailesti public shelter by our dear friend Jenny England. Red arrived with us in January of this year. I cannot tell you how much I adore this wonderful dog, he has completely stolen my heart.

Red was taken from Mihailesti and stayed at a private shelter until he was able to travel to the UK. I remember watching a video of Red in the public shelter and it completely broke my heart. I have never seen such fear in a dogs eyes, they were darting everywhere  

Red is without doubt a dog who has suffered trauma during his life. Of course we will never know what has happened to him in his first couple of years but now he is safe and very much loved by us. It is very early days for a dog who has clearly been through so much. Red was terrified when he arrived but he made friends with the other dogs quickly and so loves to be outside playing. He is so easy frightened and will dart back to the safety of his bed if anything spooks him.

As the weeks have gone by his confidence and recovery time have improved no end. He is really affectionate although he is scared of people, he literally squeals when he sees me coming to take him out for a walk. He runs up and pushes my hand or leg with his nose and is now letting me give him a stroke on his face and neck. His eyes tell you everything about how he is feeling so I look carefully to see how much he can cope with. I would love for Red to find happiness in a home one day but if it does not happen I know he has found peace by coming here and is really starting to enjoy life. Red was quite underweight when he arrived but he is now looking fantastic with a shiny new summer coat 

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