This is our dear old lady Poppy. Poppy arrived here in April 2018 rescued from Breasta kill list. She was only supposed to be staying a few days as the rescue space she was going to was full. When the time came to take her to the other rescue kennels we decided it was best for her to stay with me as she was so frightened and we did not want to put her under any more stress.

Poppy had a nasty urinary tract infection when she arrived and her coat was so matted and dirty. Poppy is approx 10 years old and is very sweet natured, she has never acted aggressively towards us. She has accepted handling and will walk on the lead but 2 years on she is only tolerating close human contact not enjoying it.

Poppy loves her sanctuary friends, mooching in the paddocks and her comfy bed. She looks like an older dog that has everything she needs and we want to give her that comfort and safety for the rest of her life


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