These are our beautiful litter sisters Paula and Dixie. They were rescued from Botosani Shelter and I was asked to give them rescue space in December 2019.

Paula and Dixie grew up in Botosani from little puppies to adult dogs – they were 16 months when they arrived here and have never been out of their kennel in Botosani

They were both understandably very nervous of people and totally overwhelmed by everything in their environment to begin with. Nobody really knew how they would adapt so we started with the idea that perhaps one day they would be able to go out for adoption. Sadly we feel there was just to much time spent with no handling and socialisation and both the girls have now reached a point where they are happy with us to care for them but moving on would be so stressful for them. They live amongst a group of our sanctuary dogs and have made their own friends but have also lived everyday of their lives together. Parting them would never be an option.

Paula has always been more confident and relaxed in nature and is happy to be close to us and interact. Dixie is still very fearful to be in close proximity to people and is very upset by any sort of change in her environment. Dixie was very stressed when she first arrived and had developed lots of stress related behaviours from being cooped up for so long. She would frantically pace up and down in the outside run, destroy bedding and bark wildly when anyone walked past. All of this is a thing of the past and she now enjoys normal doggy things like playing with her friends and daily walks in our paddocks.

They really are the most beautiful pair and it is lovely to see them enjoy the world around them and have some freedom and choice. 


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