This is little Missy, she is just so cute  !!

I saw a post for Missy on Facebook. She was hiding down the side of one of the wooden boxes in Botosani shelter and my heart went out to her.

Missy arrived with us in early March 2019. Bless her she was literally scared of everything back then, her startle reflex had her jumping like a flea all the time. She gradually relaxed, made some doggy friends and discovered that going for walks in the field was the best fun .

Missy has improved such a lot since she arrived but there are still lots of things that she finds scary. For a long time she was too scared to walk past us to go in and out of her chalet or to the paddock. These days she is fine with that but she is really scared of other dogs other than those she lives with. She is an inquisitive little thing and really wants to interact with us. She gets very close and will touch your hand with her muzzle but will jump a mile if you reach out to touch her.

She is really happy in her own little world here and we of course hope that one day she will feel confident enough to take on bigger challenges.

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