This is our baby boy Kota, although he is all grown up now. Kota arrived from Dorohoi shelter in October 2019. He was just old enough to travel so is now just over one year.

Poor little Kota was all on his own a young puppy caught by dogcatchers and put in Dorohoi shelter. He was taken to safety by Daniel Bejinariu of We Care About Strays. Sadly Kota had a badly injured right eye and lost the sight in it. If this was not bad enough Kota then got Parvovirus and spent days in the vet clinic having treatment. Thankfully he recovered and was well enough to make the journey all the way here to the UK.

Kota is a stunning dog but is very scared of people. His first experiences have left him traumatised and the damage is going to take time to heal. He trusts us and enjoys his life here but he is not ready to form a bond with us. He keeps his distance but joins in with everything on offer.

With what he has been through in his short life we respect that he needs his space and we hope to see his confidence grow 

Kota Trio Vet clinic