This is our beautiful boy Juno rescued in March 2018 from Lancram shelter Romania. This is a high kill shelter and we were able to rescue Juno days before he would have been put to sleep. Juno is approx 3 years old and is a mixed breed with GSD and Siberian Husky featuring strongly in his genetic make up. 

Juno is friendly with other dogs and people and would suit a home that has previous experience with working breeds and knowledge of caring for rescue dogs.

When Juno first arrived with us he had an open wound on the underside of his neck. This was likely caused by a dog catching pole when he was captured off the streets. He used to be nervous to be touched around his head and neck. We have worked on gaining his trust and he is now easy to handle and will wear a collar, harness or slip lead with no issues.

Juno loves going out for walks and absolutely adores playing fetch! He can be quite strong on the lead and pulls initially in excitement to go out. We find that he is best walked with a harness as this gives the best control. 

He is a really affectionate dog and will actively seek your attention for cuddles. He can get boisterous and demanding if you allow him to get to excited so we would strongly advise against any sort of rough play with him. 

It is easy to forget that Juno had a bad start in life when you meet such a friendly and exuberant dog but he definitely experienced some rough handling from humans in his previous life in Romania and must be treated with care and consideration. 

Juno loves the company of other dogs and mixes well with both males and females. We feel Juno would be happiest in a home with another dog for company.

He is fully vaccinated, microchipped, neutered and has been wormed regularly.

Juno has not been cat tested as we do not have the ability to do this. We advise due to his size, age and history that he should not go to a home with children under 10 years of age.

For information about how to adopt Juno please refer to the adoption page of our website. 

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