About Us

Live Love Adopt is at the heart of our mission.

Our rescue dogs have been saved from the harsh conditions of public shelters in Romania.

The dogs were rescued from ‘kill’ shelters or were destined to a life in overcrowded shelters with little or no hope of being adopted.

Love is what they need to heal the pain and fear of their previous lives and adoption is our dream for our dogs so they can enjoy a happy life in the UK.

For the dogs we have in our care that have been traumatised by their experiences and their fear of humans is to great to be rehomed, we provide lifelong sanctuary in an environment where they have freedom, love and safety for the rest of their lives. 


Our dogs available for adoption are fully vaccinated, micro chipped and have been neutered. The dogs spend a period of at least 6 weeks here in rescue after they arrive from Romania, this is in order for them to recover from their journey and to under go behavioural assessment so we can select the most suitable adoptive home for them. 

All prospective adoptive homes are subject to completion of a pre adoption form and a home check. 

We offer full life time rescue back up for all our rescue dogs. 

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