Harry arrived with us in March 2018 saved from the ‘kill’ list at Breasta Public Shelter Romania.

Harry is friendly with people and other dogs both male and female.

He needs to go to an experienced home with plenty of outdoors space due to his size and character.

He walks nicely on the lead and loves to be out and about.

He might seem like the bravest dog you will ever meet but on the inside he can feel a bit insecure so we feel it would be good for him to have another dog for company.

Health Information

Harry is fully vaccinated, microchipped, neutered [castrated] and has been regularly wormed.

Breed and Temperament

Harry is approx 3 years old and is a real mixture of breeds, he is large size of medium build with a coarse coat.  Harry is so affectionate and totally loves attention and cuddles but he is easily excited and this results in playful mouthing. We have taught him how to accept calm strokes and cuddles so he needs a new owner who understands how to handle an excitable dog appropriately.  He is a one in a million dog in character and appearance and will become a truly loyal and loving companion. He has been quite stressed in a kennel environment and will make a lot of noise when people walk past. We have managed this by keeping him in a large group with other dogs where he has lots of space. He has really relaxed in this situation and is ready to move on to his forever home.

Harry's ideal home

We are looking for an experienced and knowledgeable home for Harry. He has changed from being a stressed and reactive dog to being a settled, happy and fun dog but he needs to live with an adopter/s who understand how to manage his 'triggers' and continue his education. Harry is not suitable to go to a home where children under 12 years old are living. As our rescue dogs were former street dogs we advise they should not be homed with cats, small animals or chickens etc.


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