Meet brother and sister Freddie and Sira both from Dorohoi shelter. These two arrived with us in October 2019. They are both very sweet dogs who are friendly with other dogs but nervous around people. To begin with they were both terrified to be close to us, especially inside. They are now much happier and relaxed around us and will take food from my hands and both have a gently fuss on the muzzle. Sira has just lately started to come up to me when we are out in the paddock with tail wagging to give me kisses 

It is possible with more time that they could accept more handling. At the moment if I actively reach out towards either one they will jump away. They love each other of course but they also share with another Sanctuary dog called Red and they are great friends. Sira loves to have mad whizzes around the field and Frankie just loves a play fight! For now they are happy and content but who knows what the future holds and how much more their confidence will grow. Frankie and Sira have been together now so long that if they were ever to be adopted they would need to stay together.

Frankie 2

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