Fergus is a wonderful friendly black Labrador rescued from Dorohoi shelter in the north of Romania.

Fergus has been with us since October and is now ready for adoption.  

Fergus has so much love to give and will adore becoming some lucky person’s loyal friend. 

Fergus for adoption

Health Information

Fergus is approx 8 years old, he is fully vaccinated, microchipped and has been neutered. Fergus has an old injury to his elbow in so he walks with a limp. We have had him assessed by our vet since he arrived here. It is expected that he had an elbow fracture some time ago and this injury has altered his gait. Fergus is not in any pain and has good mobility of the elbow and leg, it does not stop him bounding about the fields when he goes out for his walks!! He does not currently need any medication but it might be beneficial for him to be given a joint supplement as he gets older. It is also very important that he is not allowed to become overweight as this causes undue stress on the joint.

Breed and Temperament

Fergus is a black Labrador with the most lovable nature. He is very friendly with everyone he meets and loves a cuddle! Fergus has a 'typical' labrador temperament, he is friendly with other dogs but he can be a little boisterous with other males. He is very responsive to humans however and easy to train as he just wants to please.

Fergus's Ideal Home

Fergus would suit most home environments because he just loves to be involved with whatever is going on and he is a confident dog. It would be great for him to go to a fairly active home as he loves to go for walks and it is beneficial for him to stay fit and active due to his past elbow injury.

As we do not know his previous history Fergus cannot be homed with children under 10 years.
We do not know if Fergus is cat friendly and advise that he would not be suitable to live with small animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens etc.

Fergus can jump so must go to a home with a secure garden and 6ft fencing.


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