This is our very beautiful sanctuary dog Etta. Etta was saved from the kill list at Breasta shelter in May 2018. She was only a pup then at around 8 months. Etta was so terrified of us when she first arrived that she and her brother Amigo would hide behind their beds when we went into their kennel. It took many months of patience to gain their trust and eventually they started to follow us out to the paddocks for walks.

This really changed their quality of life and they began to relax. I even managed to get Etta to allow me to put on a harness and walk her on the lead. Etta allowed this as she trusted me but she never liked the contact and would endure being touched rather than enjoy it.

Etta must of had a serious injury to her hind leg as a young puppy in Romania. Our vet felt that she had probably been trapped or even hit by a car. Her back right leg set awkwardly but we were advised that surgery was unlikely to improve things significantly. Etta copes very well with her disability and runs and plays with her friends here.

Etta has become the face of Charney Rescue. Local artist Kathy Fearn-Webster of Dotty Dog Art painted Etta for us and we even have greeting cards made of our gorgeous girl.


If you would like to contribute towards the care of our sanctuary dogs you can donate via the PayPal button on our Charney Sanctuary Dogs page. If you would prefer to send a bank transfer Contact us for account details. The sanctuary relies on funds solely from adoptions and fundraising. Any donations are most gratefully received and are all used to keep the sanctuary up and running