This is my handsome boy Erou, my first sanctuary dog from Dorohoi shelter. I remember when Erou’s Facebook post was being circulated to promote him for adoption. It really touched my heart as he lay in the snow looking like he had given up on life in the shelter. 

I was asked to give him a rescue space for a few weeks as he received an adoption offer for the UK and would need sometime to recover from the prepping and journey here. Before he left Dorohoi the adoption offer fell through but I wanted to get him out of there so he came to us in March 2019. 

Erou is a very timid and gentle dog. He has settled and learned to trust us now but he cannot cope with even the slightest change in routine, I even need to make sure I put his food bowl down in exactly the same place every time. He has improved enormously since he arrived and is relaxed enough with us to have a good quality of life here. 

We don’t know what happened to Erou previously for him to be such a fearful dog but we feel he is in the right place now and would never have coped with a home environment.

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