Doina is a very special soul who most definitely has some stories to tell!

She came to us at the end of November 2019 form the Dorohoi Shelter Romania.

Doina without doubt lived many of her years on the streets and was caught by dogcatchers and put into the public shelter at approx 9 years old.

Doina is like a fluffy teddy bear who is a little wary of new people but loves nothing more than a gentle fuss.

She has completely stolen our hearts and deserves love and comfort after surviving for so long without any.

Health Information

Doina is fully vaccinated, microchipped and spayed

She is approx 9 years old and is in good health

Doina was underweight and frail in the public shelter and her body shows the signs of having been mum to many litters of puppies

She has now gained weight and is groomed and fluffy!

Breed and Temperament

Doina is large sized and is real mixture of breeds! It is difficult to say but she probably has Collie/Shepherd and Labrador types in her DNA!!

She is a beautiful mix of colours on a white semi fluffy coat.

She is a little shy when she first meets someone new but she actively seeks human contact and appreciates a gentle touch

Doina walks happily on a lead and loves a wander around the fields.

She is friendly with other dogs but likes to be respected and will put an over excitable dog in his or her place.

Doina is super protective over her food and must be fed separately from another dog.

Doina's Ideal Home

Doina truly deserves some home comforts now and would like a quiet home with another friendly dog for company, either male or female

She loves to go out for a walk but does not want to walk for hours and isn't interested in running about or chasing a ball

Doina is fit and healthy but she takes life at the pace you would expect a dog of her age to.

She is a dear and loving soul and her needs are simple. She wants to feel comfortable and safe and know that food and love is on hand. She does not like to sleep in a dog bed and prefers to curl up on blankets on the floor!

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