Meet Bruce saved from Breasta shelter kill list in 2018. Bruce arrived with us in December 2018 having spent several months at a private shelter in Romania. Bruce is a very shy and reserved dog who had obviously had very little human contact throughout his life previous to the public shelter.

In 18 months of being here he still woofs nervously when you go into his inside space and darts away if you happen to get too close. Poor boy has never gained his confidence with people and although he understands our routine and enjoys his walks each day he would really rather we left him be.

Bruce and I have an understanding and I never try to touch him. There is the odd occasion such as when I need to cut his nails, that I do have to put a lead on him. He lets me do this but I can see how scared he is and it makes me feel so sad. I wonder what has happened to him to create such a fear of people.

Bruce was tested positive for heartworm before he came to us so he had to have 6 months of treatment with Ivermectin. Usually we would give this by injection every 2 weeks but for Bruce we had to source a supply of Ivermectin tablets from Romania so he could take his medication orally.

There are moments when Bruce is out in the paddocks that he forgets all his stresses and looks very content. I hope as time goes by he can relax to enjoy his life here with us more and more 

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