This stunning lady is Betsy who came to us in February 2019. Betsy was a forgotten dog from Botosani shelter and was actually sent to us by mistake, we were expecting a Betty! It is a long story but we are very happy indeed that Betsy came to us as we discovered that she had spent over 5 years in Botosani 

Betsy is approx 10 years old now and she has a historic crush injury to her left hind foot that means she does not fully weight bear through that leg. When Betsy first arrived she would not put the injured foot down to the floor at all. This was not due to pain but weakness due to muscle wastage and lack of exercise. Betsy now puts much more weight through the left leg and will quite happily run around in the paddocks when the mood takes her!!

Understandably Betsy is not fond of physical contact from people and will back away if you attempt to touch her. Having spent so long in a shelter we do not blame her for being so wary of her environment. We feel she is really happy and settled in her life here and it would be unfair to expect her to adapt to a home environment. Betsy just loves her comfy bed, to potter around in the paddocks, to enjoy good food and the company of her doggy friends. Betsy lives in our ‘dog chalet’ with Missy, Sammy, Timmy and Kota where she has heaps of space and can live the quiet life she deserves after what must have been years of stress.

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