This is little Barney, our very own short legged GSD.  This guy is just the cutest and has been one of our sanctuary dogs now since May 2018.

Barney arrived with Poppy saved from the kill list at Breasta shelter. Poor little chap spent several days sat in the corner with his head lowered, too frightened to do anything. Gradually he came out of his shell and started to enjoy walks and even a little bit of a fuss. We have done reasonably well getting Barney used to being handled and he will walk on the lead albeit with a bit of a sullen face!!

Barney is a happy little man but he has a very determined character and if he can’t cope with something he lets you know about it…….I got a little to confident with Barney once and thought I could pick him up to give him a groom, it didn’t end well for me and I felt the sharp end of Barney’s patience!!

We have well and truly gotten over that experience now but I do have a healthy respect for this little monkey  Barney in many ways could have been an ‘adoptable’ dog but he is very wary of new people and nervous of any change. He is so happy and settled now with his gang that we feel it would be so hard for him to leave us.


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