This is our gorgeous girl Amy who came to us in May of this year from the Dorohoi Shelter. Amy was approx 9/10 months old when she arrived.

She was a very scared young dog, and we were not able to touch her for many weeks. Amy has gradually gained her trust in us and has really come to enjoy our company. She will actively come to us for fuss and has just recently allowed us to get her used to a harness and walking on a lead.

Amy has come so far since May but she now needs to learn about life outside of a rescue environment. She will have never been inside a home and is not used to going out for walks in public places. Amy needs a very experienced home and ideally, we would like her to have another friendly, calm dog for company when she is adopted.

We are looking for an adopter for Amy who has previous experience of dogs that have come from her type of background. Amy is unlikely to have lived on the streets but was an abandoned puppy who spent the first few months of her life in a shelter. Her parents will have been stray/street dogs so she will have many of the fears that this type of dog experiences.

Amy has the sweetest nature and is very gentle, she is nervous when meeting new people and dogs and tends to bark but is in no way aggressive, just frightened. She needs someone who would be prepared to spend time with her before adoption to get to know her and gain her trust. She will need time to settle in a new home and it could be several weeks before she would be ready to venture out for walks. A quiet home would be most suitable where she would not have lots of people coming and going to cope with initially.

Conditions for adoption for Amy are:

  • Previous experience with Romanian/Foreign rescue dogs.
  • A quiet home environment with a garden attached that is securely fence.
  • Ideally a home with another friendly/calm dog for company.
  • No children under the age of 14.
  • There must be someone at home for all or most of the day.
  • An adopter who is prepared to devote time and patience getting to know Amy and allowing her as much time as she needs to settle into a home environment.

Amy has been vaccinated, microchipped and spayed.