This is Amigo who we believe is Etta’s brother. Amigo was also saved from Breasta kill list as a frightened puppy in May 2018.

Amigo is still to date the most scared dog I have ever rescued. When he arrived he spent several days hiding behind his bed, squashed up against the wall. He would literally try and climb the wall to escape us when we went in with him and Etta.

Gradually as the weeks went by he started to trust that we would not hurt him and although he kept his distance he started to come for walks. I remember the first time he jumped up at me when I took in breakfast – it was a real breakthrough moment!

Now every single day he jumps up excitedly for his food and on rare occasions will come up and sniff my hand. He is the most gentle and handsome dog.

He is so happy now with his group of friends here at the sanctuary, hard to believe it is the same dog from 2 years ago